Intrinsic Value

Value investing is the core of our business. Our acquisitions are driven by time tested value metrics including yield on cost, rate per square metre metrics and replacement cost. But buying well is only half the equation. We create value by drawing on our specialist market expertise to deliver capital works programs that enhance the income profile, and value, of our properties.

Property Fundamentals

We never buy anything we wouldn’t want to own vacant. Our acquisitions begin with the fundamentals which drive the income producing potential of a building – location and built form. Particular focus is given to the building’s physical characteristics such as floorplate configuration, lighting, lobby design and building services. We then consider location drivers such as transport, amenity and competing stock.

Thematic Overlays

Our value-add strategies are always informed by market dynamics. Our team stays deeply informed with evolving market conditions and opportunities via our extensive network of agents and consultants, as well as our own proprietary research and data.

Hands On Management

OPP is an active manager which prides itself in its ability to extract value through its “hands on” approach. To ensure the efficient and cost-effective delivery of its capital work programs, OPP has an extensive list of delivery partners who we have worked with over many years. These integral relationships are key to delivering our programs on-time and on-budget. Speed of delivery is critical to driving results, and OPP prides itself on the intensity of its approach on all projects.

Oceana Property Partners prides itself on its rigorous due diligence processes and stringent investment criteria.

Grant Traub

Founder & CEO


Property Syndications

OPP typically offers close-ended property trusts with 5-10 year hold cycles. This structure closely approximates direct ownership of commercial property with a single, pre-defined capital requirement and a defined hold period before returning capital to our investors.

Regular Distributions

Our property trusts typically targets average annual distributions of 5-8% (depending on risk profile and strategy), and provided regular income by distributing free cashflow on a monthly basis.

Total Return Focus

OPP targets attractive equity IRRs across its core (7-8%), core-plus (9-11%) and value-add (11%+) strategies.

Conservative Underwriting

All our investments are made on conservative underwrite assumptions because we value our investors capital and delivering results that match or exceed our forecast returns.